Swara reverberates where the cycle of dawn and dusk becomes a sphere of music and the sun is said to be humming the wheel of the world.

Jaiminiya Brahmana Upanishad –

Swara is a retreat located in the Himalayas and is dedicated to embodying sustainable living practices. We share our experience of yoga, philosophy and Sanskrit.

Beyond our offerings, we embrace educators, facilitators, creators and artists to host retreats, workshops or events. Swara is a collaborative space for creative endeavours and to inspire personal growth. 

If you seek repose from the hubbub of daily life, Swara provides a tranquil refuge to slow down, rejuvenate, and reset. Nestled in a quaint village amidst the hills of Astam, the retreat overlooks the snowcapped Annapurna range. Its landscapes are ideal for walks and hikes and to catch a glimpse of rural Nepali life. 

Perched at 1500m, we are located along an evolving 17km ride from Pokhara and en route to the Mardi Himal base camp, Annapurna base camp and Machhapuchhre base camp.

We are lifelong learners and welcome opportunities for growth.

As students, practitioners and teachers, we have dedicated the last 3.5 years to building the retreat with our hearts, heads and hands, to shoulder a place sown from the soil of the land which it grew from. We hold space for learning, unlearning, relearning and are intrigued with the big questions in life.

It is through the expression of yoga and in the spirit of seeking, exploration, dialogue and discourse that we have aspirations to facilitate a tradition that engages the contemporary.

We value the importance of preserving and sustaining the environment and have thus consciously chosen to build with earth, using a method of mixing raw materials of clay, gravel, sand and water, then rammed manually in formwork.

The results are ecological, sustainable and aesthetically unique. Naturally loadbearing, the thick but breathable rammed earth walls have thermal mass properties adopting the ability to absorb, store and release heat slowly in the winter whilst keeping cool in the summer.

Swara is a dedicated expanse embraced by forest, stream and breathtaking snowcapped views for meaningful sharings and gatherings, for reflection and quiet. We strive to foster collaborations and are open to mutual exchanges of ideas, experiences and perspectives. Should there be a spark or a possibility within your sphere, do get in touch. The delight would be ours.

Yoga, Sanskrit & Philosophy

Ganesh Upadhyay is open to tailor your yoga practice to your needs and requirements whether it be asana, philosophy, sanskrit, chanting or pranayama. We hold daily and weekly packages inclusive of lodging, food and yoga.

Navigating the Future with A.I.

Are you concerned about the future which is increasingly shaped by Artificial Intelligence? Join us at Swara where we will explore the current debate on AI with industry experts. This retreat is designed for anyone who wishes to engage in meaningful conversations and take proactive steps to secure a better future for our societies. We will integrate a yoga practice and take walks in nature to explore the balancing act.

 Cooking & Sustaining a Plant-based Diet

We invite you to harvest fresh ingredients from our garden, then assist in the preparation and learn to cook delicious food with Sakuntala Sharma. She heads the Swara kitchen with a creative spin and will convince you that a plant-based diet can be both nourishing and a culinary delight at the same time. 

Please write to us for more details and for group rates.

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